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Online Course: Industrial Control System (ICS) Cybersecurity Lifecycle

This course was designed to show how a cybersecurity program needs to be a continuously evolving and constantly sustained project. Participants in this course will progress through the major phases of the Cybersecurity Lifecycle: Assessment, Implementation, and Maintenance - identifying the necessary inputs and processes to achieve the required outputs for each phase.

It is strongly recommended that the student has basic networking knowledge or completes Introduction to Industrial Networking prior to attending this course.

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CACE / CACS exam Study Aids

Certified Automation Cybersecurity Expert/Specialist (CACE / CACS) Study Guide.

The experts at exida have developed this study guide for the CACE/CACS certification examination. Contributions were from a number of industry experts in their respective field(s). The purpose of this study guide is to assist persons who are preparing for the Certified Automation Cybersecurity Expert / Specialist examination.

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