Apply to Be a CACE

Before You Start

CACE Requirements
10 years of equivalent experience (adjusted for education level) with a significant cybersecurity component
Submit a case study that demonstrates the applicant’s knowledge and cybersecurity experience.
Score > 80% on a two part exam containing multiple choice, short answer, and case study problems

Material to Be Submitted

CACE applicants must arrange to have the following materials submitted before the application deadline (see attached schedule):


Examination Application Form / Code of Conduct

submitted by applicant. Please submit a photocopy of your passport along with your application.
Download Form

Case Study Form

Submitted by Applicant - a description of project where they demonstrated their skills, knowledge, and responsibility for a significant element of the cybersecurity of an automation system in accord with relevant standards such as ISA/IEC 62443
Download Form

Referee Statement

(four are required) - submitted by referee (one for each referee listed in Examination Application Form). This will also include a supporting statement from one of the referees for the Case Study.
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Eligibility Requirements for Examination - CACE

A candidate must have 4 referee statements from other professionals (preferably CACEs) recommending candidates.

A candidate must have a minimum of 10 years related experience with credit given for education as follows:

Highest Educational Level Engineering Degree Other Technical degree Non-Technical Degree
No higher level education Subtract 0 years Subtract 0 years Subtract 0 years
Bachelor Degree Subtract 3 years Subtract 2 year Subtract 1 year

Copies of Licenses, Registrations & Certification

submitted by applicant (one for each listed in Examination Application Form) . A photocopy of your diploma will suffice the requirement.

Please submit a scan of your passport / government ID.


Payment for Application Fee

Pay Fee

Submit Application

The application forms must be emailed to Photocopies of your passport and diplomas must be provided.

Notification of Examination

Admission Applicants must allow two (2) weeks for full processing of their complete applications.

At least one week prior to the examination date, an admission notice will be sent to eligible candidates and will confirm dates, times, and location of the examination. If the admission notice has not been received at least one (1) weeks prior to the examination date, the candidate must contact CFSE.

Take the Exam!

Completed application materials must be received by CFSE at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date. The specific date is usually noted on the exam schedule information page. Please note that because of the tight deadline, incomplete applications will not be guaranteed a place at the exam. It is strongly recommended that all applicants send in their information well in advance of this deadline to insure a place at the exam. There are no refunds.

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